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Ranzuki Hair & Make Vol. 2

RANZUKI Japan Hair Make Vol2

*Sendspace* (Pt. 1 //// Pt. 2)

*MegaUpload* (Pt. 1 //// Pt.2)

*MediaFire* (Pt. 1 //// Pt.2)

*I was only able to get the 2nd half
up on Mediafire, for some reason i get an
error sometimes, i will try again later.
I appoloize to anyone that cant get the full book

Here It is Ranzuki Hair & Make Vol. 2
Hope you all Enjoy! I dont have any rights
to this or any magazine. I have just
scanned and uploaded to share. And for

you all to Enjoy. I do encorage you to purchase
these magazines because they are truely Great!

For Any One Who Did Not See
The EGG's Beauty 2009 Post
You Can Find that HERE!

Didnt want to waste more time -_-'

~ Egg's Beauty 2009 ~

Well, Here it is Egg's Beauty 2009
Sorry it took so long to upload but it takes
quite some time to scan and upload -_-
(soo tired ; P) But yeah, I'll Have

Ranzuki Hair and Make Vol.2 up in a few days.

Here you Go Hope you all Enjoy! :D

** Sendspace **             ** MegaUpload **

*I did put in a few watermarks just because
im not locking this post. I didnt put too many though. 

Egg's Beauty 2007

I was able to scan and upload
the magazine sooner then  thought.
So Here it is, I hope you all enjoy!

Egg's Beauty 2007

SS Download ~//~ MU Download 

~ Egg July 2009 ~

Egg July 09

Sendspace Download

Megaupload Download

Egg's Bueaty 07

EGG Beauty Japan Autumn

Also, Awhile back this magazine was requested.
I will be uploading it sometime this week, most likely

this weekend. I havent had the opportunity to upload sooner
because i didnt have a scanner but now i have a new one and will

scan and upload as soon as possible.

``Ranzuki ~ I Love Mama``

Ranzuki July 09       ~~          I Love Mama

~~Sendspace~~                                         ~~Sendspace~~
~~Megaupload~~                                       ~~Megaupload~~

I also found Nails Up! July 2009
but i'll let someone else upload that as
i dont have time at the moment.

I have taken the time to upload these magazines,
and hope you all enjoy. Use as you would like,

but Please ... Please do not re-upload on [info]jmagazinescans.
I would really really appreciate that.

It takes a significant amount of time to save and upload these,
and I think that this is a fair request. Thank you
: )

Ranzuki July 2009

Ranzuki July 2009


I did not Scans these,
nore do i take credit for doing so.

It does take time and effort to upload,
and I like for them not to be reuploaded but

if you would like to please dont not take
credit for the work. Thank you :) 

Hope you Enjoy! 


Happie Nuts July 09

Nuts July


Sorry no megaupload i cant
get into it at the moment. Download
as you wish. I did not scan these nore do i
take credit for doing so, i have
just uploaded them so that
 we can all enjoy.

~ Opinions, Please! ~

Just Want to know you guys opinion. I've Been debating weather to
sell Korean/ Japanese Fashion Clothing,
Would any body be interesting in buying?

Also I have these for sale if any one is intersted,
Its kind of a start off point to see if this will work.

$15 Each
2 for $25


SS Download / MF Download                 SS Download / MU Download

SS Download



SS Download                                        SS Download

Ageha / PopTeen May ~09~

 Ageha May 09                           PopTeen May 09

SS Download / MU Download         SS Download / MU Download

*sorry no mediafire,
 its not working for me today*

* I did not scans these i've only uploaded for you all to enjoy *